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Apr. 13th, 2015 09:54 am
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The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Start date: May 1, 2015

End date: January 26, 2018

1) Get a gold award for a festival solo (darn, not 2015)
2) Stand for NZCBA committee (20/9/15)
3) Do an arrangement for the whole band
4) Go on at least 20 date nights out with Michael
- Deadpool, Mar 2016
- Captain America Civil War, April 2016
- Hamilton, 2/6/16
- Night in, 17/6/16

5) Take the kids to Kai Iwi Lakes
6) Find all my Pratchett books :/
7) Sell a story to a publisher who doesn't know me (26/8/15)
8) Do a plank for 2 minutes (20/4/16)
9) Host a cocktail night
10) Write our will
11) Do that cross-stitch
12) Finish a scarf (did lots of them over Christmas 2015!)
13) Sew the blanket
14) Grow jalapenos
15) Get a tattoo of one of Finn's drawings
16) Get a tattoo of one of Vieve's drawings
17) Do something that scares me (20/9/15)
18) Do something else that scares me (22/10/15)
19) Give blood at least five times (1, 23/3/16, 20/6/16)
20) Take the twins up the Sky Tower
21) Mail someone a care package
22) Mail someone else a care package
23) Make a gingerbread house
24) Get to below 100kg
25) Spend at least 15 minutes a day playing trombone for a month (4/2/16)
26) Pay Mum back (19/11/15)
27) Get rid of my overdraft
28) Play in at least two ensembles at concerts/festival (1 - 20/9/15)
29) Acquire and learn to do very basic make up
30) Cook korma from scratch
31) Organise a neighbourhood party in the summer
32) Organise a music weekend - band/group/school (does our mini band camp count if we do it twice?)
33) Do a proper family cosplay for Armageddon
34) Go to a Navy Band concert (festival doesn't count!)
35) Have at least five more tuba lessons
36) Get a perpetual calendar and put everyone's birthdays on it
37) Do a decent visit to the Coromandel (not just Thames)
38) Go to at least five music schools / band camps (1, BoP 2016)
39) Cook four recipes from the big Asian Cookbook
40) Write a simple Minecraft mod with Xander
41) Climb Mangere Mountain (10/5/15)
42) Climb Rangitoto (31/5/15)
43) Climb One Tree Hill (18/10/15)
44) Climb Mt Albert (Owairaka Park)
45) Climb Maungawhau / Mount Eden (15/11/15)
46) Climb Ōhinerau / Mount Hobson (26/6/16)
47) Climb Mt Saint John (Epsom)
48) Climb Maungauika / North Head
49) climb Mt Victoria (Devonport)
50) Climb Maungarei / Mount Wellington (18/6/16)
51) Get a bike for me
52) Get new bike helmets for the kids (12/10/15)
53) Do the Waikaraka Cycleway with the kids
54) Take the kids to the splash pad at Potters Park (Balmoral)
55) Have Corrin et al. over for a visit
56) Get through Brooklyn on the trombone (an octave down)
57) Perform "Too Bad Too Good" in public with the group
58) Get down to 105kg (23/3/16)
59) Do a 1 minute plank (6/5/15)
60) Every day for a week, do our front steps 100 times
61) Clean the cupboard under the kitchen sink (28/11/15)
62) Clean the cupboard under the laundry sink
63) Sort our wardrobe so I can actually hang clothes up
64) Have Christmas shopping finished before November 15th
65) Get proficient at all two-octave major scales on tuba
66) Get proficient at all two-octave melodic minor scales on tuba
67) Get proficient at all two-octave harmonic minor scales on tuba
68) Get a copy of the "My first piano adventure" book
69) Work through the "My first piano adventure" book with the kids
70) Learn at least two more piano pieces
71) Finish watching Justified (20/5/15)
72) Finish watching Breaking Bad
73) Watch season 1 of ST:TNG with the kids
74) Have a 36th or 37th birthday PARTAY
75) Catch up with Lynelle (15/11/15)
76) Go to an event at either Hazel or Scott's house (2/6/16)
77) Do a THREE minute plank
78) Do a mosaic
79) Sew a dice bag
80) Go to Te Awhitu lighthouse
81) Go on a train trip with the kids somewhere (18/6/16)
82) Get bank accounts for all the kids
83) Catch up with Kylee
84) Get the piano moved upstairs
85) Go to at least five different community band concerts (WCCB 40th, 28/5/16)
86) Learn and record at least five Gallay etudes
87) Learn and record at least five Blazhevich studies, including #15 and #20
88) Sew a dress for me
89) Pass a music theory exam
90) Get at least five other people at band to pass a theory or practical exam
91) Roll around in mud (26/10/15)
92) Watch all of Legend of Korra (1/11/15)
93) Get an award at band (not Most Improved) (5/12/15)

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